Sudhakar Rajamoney

Management Consultant Health Information Technology USA

OPTAA has given me the opportunity to meet amazing alumni from our Alma mater. It reminds me of the impact CMC and OPTSA have had in my life. As global healthcare interventions focus on prevention, lifestyle modification, mobility and quality of life, this website provides us a platform to collaborate and seize the opportunity to shape the conversation and contribute to the evolution of healthcare delivery. I look forward to connecting with more of you soon.

Rojer Micheal

Senior Sports Physiotherapist High performance Center Inspire Institute of Sports Bellary Karnataka

OPTAA has been always close to me, it is the most friendly and energetic environment. It has been a great learning both personally and professionally, being part of it has guided me in my personal growth and in my career. It is a great place for the Alumini to grow and contribute to the development of students, patients and the community. I am grateful to be part of OPTAA

Dr. Vineet Johnson

President & CEO, IRegained Inc, Canada

I have really enjoyed participating in various OPTAA activities both for nostalgic reasons and also for academic and professional reasons. OPTAA members have been a huge resource for me.

Arun Paul

MSK First Contact Physiotherapist, Healthshare Ltd (Hull), Preston, UK

From OPTSA to OPTAA this I should say ,has been many things to me. It has brought out the best in me as always. And helped me to make those connections which without it, I may have never done. OPTAA has been a place to learn from each other, and to cherish the goodness of alma mater

Ruby Nakka

Director, The Hope House, Vellore, India

I remember the Yahoo group that I maintained in the early 2000's as the first platform to bring all the CMC OT and PT alumni together and to know today how far this same group has come is quite heart warming. I wish all the success to OPTAA for its future endeavours.

Dr. Thomas Mathew

MBBS, MS (PT), Senior Consultant, Believers Church Medical College Hospital, Thiruvalla, India

I feel as a privilege and proud being a part of OPTAA from its inception. Organizing and getting bylaws and structure together was an enriching experience. I am delighted to know that OPTAA is still serving well the purpose and objectives it was intended for and being a great resource for PT and OT professionals graduated from our beloved institution, CMC Vellore . I wish the organisation continued success and purposeful leadership.